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basic trainig
basic is not a joke
its living hell
not knowing what to do
falling into depression
trying not to cry
wishing to go home
not wanting to train
staying out of the drill sergeants way
trying hard making no pay
wishing for the end
hiding from sight
trying not to be seen
waiting for the day
i can disappear
as far away from this not near
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williamli_cyan by begley85 williamli_cyan :iconbegley85:begley85 1 5 tiger by begley85 tiger :iconbegley85:begley85 2 5 sesfin by begley85 sesfin :iconbegley85:begley85 2 9 warrior by begley85 warrior :iconbegley85:begley85 1 3 du_wyle2 by begley85 du_wyle2 :iconbegley85:begley85 2 22 theseus by begley85 theseus :iconbegley85:begley85 2 7 queen fey by begley85 queen fey :iconbegley85:begley85 1 11 ice troll by begley85 ice troll :iconbegley85:begley85 1 1 predatorthroner by begley85 predatorthroner :iconbegley85:begley85 6 4 manny halfling by begley85 manny halfling :iconbegley85:begley85 4 5
observing you as you go by
waiting for my chance to strike
drewling over the smell of flesh
waiting to sink my teeth
draging your corspe behind
hanging it up to dry
gutting out your insides
eating your intestines
howling at the moon
blood dripping from my teeth
playing with your body
bashing it against the ground
gathering blood for the worship
to raise the dead
to play cat and mouse once again
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for beauty is too much
to where she will never be mine
tearing my heart out left and right
weeping in pitty
waiting to live or die
for love is my enemy
not knowing whether to care or not
pondering if i should leave
sucking my blodd
will be for ever my joy
for there will be no chance
we will always stay friends
bound by eternal friendship
wishing she was mine
for all the fun she could have
but she chosses the color black
wondering hopelessly invisible to the naked eye
hiding in the shadows
keeping myself hidden
fo i will never love again,
for my life is sad,
my heart is cold and dead
not having any feelings
to where i love dearly
for the of a passion i do no want
now you know the truth
my life is sad
as i move on
wishin to go to hell
for eternal damnashion will ease my pain
playing monoply on your soul
i am your reeper of death
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Purple Haze by needles0101101 Purple Haze :iconneedles0101101:needles0101101 11 7 .pink. by needles0101101 .pink. :iconneedles0101101:needles0101101 7 10 Submission - Snapshot/photog by needles0101101 Submission - Snapshot/photog :iconneedles0101101:needles0101101 4 9 Kayla 3 by ectasydragon85 Kayla 3 :iconectasydragon85:ectasydragon85 2 12 Kayla 2 by ectasydragon85 Kayla 2 :iconectasydragon85:ectasydragon85 1 3 Kayla by ectasydragon85 Kayla :iconectasydragon85:ectasydragon85 1 9
Vampires of the insect world
The black satin night
Silently weaving through the trees
Trampling the undergrowth
In the twilight I see
Spiders on webs
Thin Legs
Needle sharp fangs
Wrapping their victims
In a thread of fine silk
Thin, but strong
Cocooning insects in a ball
Sinking their razor teeth
Into the warm flesh
Drinking the life
Leaving a hollow corpse
She cuts the mummified body free
And watches it fall to the ground
She sets about repairing the net
Spiders are truly vampires of the insect world.
:iconectasydragon85:ectasydragon85 1 3
Lights flash before my eyes
Like visions from
An acid-induced daydream
The raging inferno of music
Lights my ears on fire
Others walk by or through me
Without the realization I exist
A dark angel stands beside me
She smiles when I look upon her
How beautiful she is
With smooth pale skin
By what magic she wields
To draw me closer to her
Is utterly godlike
My mind goes numb
As she closes her eyes
And my will dissolves like a
Handful of sugar in an ocean of blood
As she takes my life from within my lips
With one kiss
And then time stands still
A millenium later
I can move again
Everything is dark
And deep within
I feel that
I am black as a dead man's vision
She still stands before me
I still feel
Her sweet soft lips touching mine
And lipstick still stains my lips
As well as my soul
So much pleasure
And so much pain
I am more like her now
Than I ever was before
And it feels almost like
I have wings like those of a raven
I am a pure mix
Of darkness and insanity
I'm taking lives
With the fal
:iconectasydragon85:ectasydragon85 3 0
Pain of love
My sweet dark love
How I loathe you
But yet how I yearn to hold you
The pain you've givin me
Is more than your abuse was
My soul more scarred than my body
I have yet to even know if you loved me
But I figure I shall never know
Which adds one more scar to my spirit
One you will never know.
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United States
Current Residence: fort braq north carolina
Favourite genre of music: heavy metal, death metal, negative metal and goth
Favourite photographer: slipknot photographer
Favourite style of art: unknow
Operating System: Dell
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: unknow
Wallpaper of choice: Black
Skin of choice: unknow
Favourite cartoon character: Foamy and johny bravo
Personal Quote: fuck everything the world stands for
   hey guys, same as the last one i still got no internet but every chance i get im going to get and submit more stuff so im not done with this web site and i was just told in janraury i am going to be on stand by for deployment to iraq or afhganistan for 6 months to a year


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omg your liveing in fort bragg xD its a hell hold O_O i lived there for 2 years lol have fun
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you did
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